17 Jan 2009

♥ Ruining my D-schedule..

Semalam my day was full. Pagi : ke Jalan TAR - EuroModa & Harits, petang : ke Atim-Agoy Boutique, Shah Alam. Semuanya untuk preparation 4 the dinner present. Huh. Penat & unfortunately i burned my diet schedule.. :-( Lunch: Pn. Fatimah (Acquisition Dept.) belanja kami smua nasi beriani (yg mmg lazeez btul!), then petang when we dropped by Atim-Agoy, the owner Kak Hamadah (looks like 'Kakak', yet she's 62 ok!!) treated us Soto! Kenyang betul, alhamdulillah.. Met both KSU's wife & x-KSU's wife overthere.. saya pun cakap kat boss, alamak kantoii.. hehe.. whilst indulging ourselves with the treat, Datuk called boss & ordered us to do audit.. its already 4 p.m & how come we can begin the audit at 4 p.m. in the evening, provided that its Friday la?? So boss ckp, on Monday la kita begin je the audit. Then we arrived at the office about 5.15 p.m with our stomach fulled.. hehe. Tonite, we are going to have dinner with Baba's friend who just arrived from U.A.E. yesterday. The dinner will take place at the Al-Rawsha, KL. Then again, i'm goin to ruin my D-schedule.. huhu.. i'll post some pics later.. =) Oh, eaves-dropping my parents' conversation; they'll throw a ceremony - Kenduri Doa Selamat sooner or later.. mcm best je bunyinye, kan. InsyaAllah. Till then.

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