5 Jan 2009

♥ Passing Years..

Alhamdulillah.. a year has passed.. a new year is a time to reflect on changes and to see what endures beyond the flash and grab of the moment.. for me New Year's Day is just... a day. The only important thing on New Year's Day is to wake up.. it was a long weekend though. All i did was cooking & cleaning & cooking & taking care of my hubby yg demam. We both (me & my hubby) really dont understand why people celebrating new year.. whats the point?? u r getting older, u have more problems, more commitments, more burdens, more debts, more sins, u r happy with that?? kesiannya. kesian lagi pada saudara kita di Palestin sana. Ya Allah, musnahkanlah syaitan-syaitan la'natullah..

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