29 Jan 2009

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Dear blog,

Do we have MPs like this?

British MP (Member of Parliament) George Galloway with his speech - "Victory To The Palestinian Resistance". A must see video: "The Palestinian People Will Never Surrender".

No, I don't think so.

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TheDreamer said...

This is my first time visiting ur blog and I really enjoy it a lot.

I've heard before of this British MP (Member of Parliament) George Galloway being brave enough to stand up and support the cause of Palestine. And I respect to those leaders who are willing to stand up against this inhumane act. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out on a world conference as protest towards the President of Israel. He even spoke against the terror in front all of those leaders. Hats off to him.
We need more leaders like them rite?

p/s: sorry for commenting a bit long.

Izzah Marzuki said...

TheDreamer, yes i am very agree with u.. we need more like them, now & in the future.. sadly there are some (or should i say lots) of young generations in Malaysia who do not aware(do not care actually)of world issues(not u, of course), poisoning their life with entertainments, new gadgets etc etc.. hmm.. anyway, tq 4 commenting!

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