25 Dec 2004

Shower me with your love

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Jez finished my Advanced Mngmt Acctg tutorial..hmm..always be advanced than others..heh.. Mylove is having his supper @ uptown now..i miss being able to accompany him laa..aiseh how i miss the chicken chop there..lime-honey ice blended...iskkk..cant stop thinking bout that..ahahaha..wehh..u gonna get married la amoi, keep your body fit!!

I think mama is bz preparing the food 4 tomorrow..there'll be laksa (2 kinds of laksa - penang & johor), fried mee & kuih2 & dessert..nyummyy..) Nak balikkkk..uwaa.. I'll miss out on all the enjoyment..heh..Tak sabar nak tengok the pics & the video..how does my ring look like aar?? hehehehe.. ellehh..actually we bought it together & i've chose the ring..nobody knows..hehe..not a surprise 4 me la anymore.. :-p I'll upload the pics later.. My lil brother jez told me that he cant manage to go back home..he is too buzy wif his bl0oo0dy assignmentz...heh. Nevermind. So they'll discuss everything tomorrow. Everything. The dowry & the date. Hmmm.. that'll be a surprise kot. i know nothing bout the dowry. They decide not to tell me anything bcos they know i am soooo very close with mylove..hahaha..i'll tell mylove every single thing..no secrets.. :-)

Ok la have to look 4 the annual report of petronas. KLSE is the best source i have. C ya tomorrow 4 the NEWS & the PICS. ;-)

I am longing 4 his soothing words.. :-(
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