12 Sep 2004

♥ What a hectic life i have..

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Long time no C... actually i am bz..very very very bz diz week.. supposed to go to langkawi for my KLK but unfortunately, have to cancel it.. change the plan with balik kg...my grandma is very ill..i am so sad.. aware that the KLK is very important for my evaluation, but it cannot be avoided! iskkkk..sent the excuse letter.. hmmm..lotsa things to do..assignment!!! ishhh tak menang tangan sehh..gile penat..naik bas turun bas..papa suh naik cab je to avoid kene brebut..ahhahaaa..dah biasa maaa brebut2 ni..tak kesah ahh..naik bas baru baper inggit..naik cab tak ke mahal tuhh..ishh..eyyy will update u later...taaa~~~~

Eyyyy...memang menyedihkan...aku tak leh lupe muka my grandma..according to my sis, dia dehydrated..iskkkkk..when it comes to think about her, air mata dah meleleh...tingat tadi, b4 i leave her, i speak slowly to her ears..panggil dia, told her that i'm leaving..not sure whether she still remember me or not, her grand daughter..maybe yes..sbb mlm tadi when i sat beside her, massaged her hand, then read the yaasin, she mumbled bout something..not sure but mama said maybe she knew it was me sitting beside her..isskkkk..ok back to the leaving thing..so i told her, i'm leaving..tried to hold my tears..dah siap2 pegang tissue in case..the i kissed on her cheeks & on her forehead..last kiss maybe.. :'-( sedih tengok muka dia..few drops dah terlepas jatuh..then makin menjadi2 lak aku nangis..suddenly grandma pejam2 kan mata dia kuat2, she's crying! ya Allah..help me...iskkkkkk..

1 Sep 2004

♥ Heyya

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Nothing much to say! but tell u what, my love gave me a DIGITAL CAMERA!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!!! D latest Nikon Coolpix 3700.. worth bout RM1300.. well.. =)

I love him s00o0o0o0o much..!!
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