25 Dec 2004

Shower me with your love

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Jez finished my Advanced Mngmt Acctg tutorial..hmm..always be advanced than others..heh.. Mylove is having his supper @ uptown now..i miss being able to accompany him laa..aiseh how i miss the chicken chop there..lime-honey ice blended...iskkk..cant stop thinking bout that..ahahaha..wehh..u gonna get married la amoi, keep your body fit!!

I think mama is bz preparing the food 4 tomorrow..there'll be laksa (2 kinds of laksa - penang & johor), fried mee & kuih2 & dessert..nyummyy..) Nak balikkkk..uwaa.. I'll miss out on all the enjoyment..heh..Tak sabar nak tengok the pics & the video..how does my ring look like aar?? hehehehe.. ellehh..actually we bought it together & i've chose the ring..nobody knows..hehe..not a surprise 4 me la anymore.. :-p I'll upload the pics later.. My lil brother jez told me that he cant manage to go back home..he is too buzy wif his bl0oo0dy assignmentz...heh. Nevermind. So they'll discuss everything tomorrow. Everything. The dowry & the date. Hmmm.. that'll be a surprise kot. i know nothing bout the dowry. They decide not to tell me anything bcos they know i am soooo very close with mylove..hahaha..i'll tell mylove every single thing..no secrets.. :-)

Ok la have to look 4 the annual report of petronas. KLSE is the best source i have. C ya tomorrow 4 the NEWS & the PICS. ;-)

I am longing 4 his soothing words.. :-(

22 Nov 2004

The Planner

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Tgh berhari raya..thank God..dpt raya lama @ home!!
Yay...Anyways..jez got my result..wowow...got 3.65!!
5 A-s & 1B+..
Yeaahhh..nak kena tuntut hadiah aaa nih..emmm..

Okay..the moz important thing dat i want to tell u here is..the whole family agreed upon..about my engagement & wedding date..iskk isskkk.. nak kawin dah upenye..hehehe..

* Merisik : 25th Dec '04
* Bertunang : 1st May '05
* Kawin le.. : a.s.a.p - a week @ 2, after the final xm (On April '06)

Hayoh..lom pa per..baba dah start arguing..& quarelling with my sis..baba nak invite smua 4 the engagement..but my sis said no need laa..haha..wutever..i dont mind la..baba excited gile bila dpt tau i 'berhajat besar'..hahaha..of cos laa..i'm the youngest girl in my family... ;-p Ok laa.. baba asked me bout wedding @ sheraton..wowow..rileks baaa.. it'll cost u at least RM25K ++.. at least.. tu pon kalo dpt discount 4 mylove..haha.. Tu 4 the wedding, baba dah brangan..hah..4 the engagement, he told me dat he wants to renovate our house..lorr..again, rilekss baaa...hehehe.. sape yg excited nak kawin ni i pun tatau..

So oklaaa..dah kat umah malas lak nak blog..kat hostel sket nye rajin curi online sbb nak blog je..heh..Ok yek..papaiii..emwahh..


14 Nov 2004

Selamat Hari Raya!

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I'm such a lazy girl who is too bz to blog..yeahh.. please apologize me.
Lagipun nobody knows bout my blog..ahah...keep it only for myself..

Eyyyyy..its raya laaa...

Slamat Hari Raya wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


12 Sep 2004

♥ What a hectic life i have..

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Long time no C... actually i am bz..very very very bz diz week.. supposed to go to langkawi for my KLK but unfortunately, have to cancel it.. change the plan with balik kg...my grandma is very ill..i am so sad.. aware that the KLK is very important for my evaluation, but it cannot be avoided! iskkkk..sent the excuse letter.. hmmm..lotsa things to do..assignment!!! ishhh tak menang tangan sehh..gile penat..naik bas turun bas..papa suh naik cab je to avoid kene brebut..ahhahaaa..dah biasa maaa brebut2 ni..tak kesah ahh..naik bas baru baper inggit..naik cab tak ke mahal tuhh..ishh..eyyy will update u later...taaa~~~~

Eyyyy...memang menyedihkan...aku tak leh lupe muka my grandma..according to my sis, dia dehydrated..iskkkkk..when it comes to think about her, air mata dah meleleh...tingat tadi, b4 i leave her, i speak slowly to her ears..panggil dia, told her that i'm leaving..not sure whether she still remember me or not, her grand daughter..maybe yes..sbb mlm tadi when i sat beside her, massaged her hand, then read the yaasin, she mumbled bout something..not sure but mama said maybe she knew it was me sitting beside her..isskkkk..ok back to the leaving thing..so i told her, i'm leaving..tried to hold my tears..dah siap2 pegang tissue in case..the i kissed on her cheeks & on her forehead..last kiss maybe.. :'-( sedih tengok muka dia..few drops dah terlepas jatuh..then makin menjadi2 lak aku nangis..suddenly grandma pejam2 kan mata dia kuat2, she's crying! ya Allah..help me...iskkkkkk..

1 Sep 2004

♥ Heyya

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Nothing much to say! but tell u what, my love gave me a DIGITAL CAMERA!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!!! D latest Nikon Coolpix 3700.. worth bout RM1300.. well.. =)

I love him s00o0o0o0o much..!!

27 Aug 2004

♥ Assignments and more assignments..

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Ahaa.. g00d day!

Its 11.08 p.m..jez w0ke up at 10.59.. ieeeeeyyy.. Went 2 bed really late last nite.. 4 sumthing a.m.. bc0z w0rkin' 0n d bl0ody Biztrak assignment l0rrr.. urghhh..nasib la s0me fellas wake me up.. nak c0py an0ther bl0ody Secretary assignment..haha..

emmm...i shud finish my bl0ody bl0ody assignment lorr b4 4 p.m..back to kl, kena finish up d dialogue script 4 EGM..ieieie..then kena settle kan minutes of meeting for Harta Perak..wut to do..i am d company secretary! ahakk.. D director; Mr. Pon, jez called me and asked me wheter we shud work in a company together..or maybe it was like "we shud organize @ commence a company together..he'll be the director & i'll be d secretary.." hahahaha.. LOL.. nak mampus kene blasah dgn mylove..

Can some1 tell me where my love is?? Haiyaaa.. hev to tell him laa about d delay. Or elze he has to wait 4 quite a l0ng time le mlm kang..pastu nak gi upt0wn lak..chicken chop la wutelze..hehehe..Eyy let me list d0wn la mende ape nak kene buat..diz week punye bl0ody assignment.. [i love 2 use "BL00DY" nowadays..] L0L..

  • Script 4 bl0ody EGM - d/line: Thursday
  • Tutorial FALAN II - d/line: Tuesday
  • Minutes of Meeting - d/line: Wednesday~Response paper

Aiyakk..ofis open 24 hours la jawabnyeee..

S0 i think i better off now..nak sesiap dah..siap nak pilih baju yg mana 1 nak pakai laa..ehehe..nak pilih yg suitable pon berjam2..But wut i am worrying now is WHERE IS HE? why he didnt answer my call? ishhh.. ni yg heran ni.. Lagi 1 yg heran, bile lak Ezeephone card aku nak abis niii..mcm lame je..padahal credit tadi ade RM3 something..bagus ah..lagi lama lagi cantek..but still need to off now.. So ok laaa..jumpe agi next week ke..hehehe..jgn jelesss...papaiiiiiee... love u emmuahh! taaaa~~

7 Aug 2004

♥ My 1st EntrY Lerr

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Emm.. This is quite interezting..not bad at all..

I'll try to keep it up-2-date lah.. Wokey.. I'm currently workin' on my assignmentzzzz.. Argghh.. Let me list 'em down..hehe..

  • Advanced Financial Accounting II
  • Company Secretarial Practice ~Business Proff. & Com..
  • Advanced Acctg. Informtion System.. too much aite..??

Itz normal 4 an acctg student like me.. But..life isnt that bad..eh.. Try to keep FIT in diz league called LIFE.. Now is my mid sem break actually..but nothing new..nothing'z different..still like no BREAK at all..

Eyyy..going back tomorrow lah! I repeat, tomorrow!! Yayyyy...
p/s : This is my 1st time blogging okay!

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