27 Aug 2004

♥ Assignments and more assignments..

Ahaa.. g00d day!

Its 11.08 p.m..jez w0ke up at 10.59.. ieeeeeyyy.. Went 2 bed really late last nite.. 4 sumthing a.m.. bc0z w0rkin' 0n d bl0ody Biztrak assignment l0rrr.. urghhh..nasib la s0me fellas wake me up.. nak c0py an0ther bl0ody Secretary assignment..haha..

emmm...i shud finish my bl0ody bl0ody assignment lorr b4 4 p.m..back to kl, kena finish up d dialogue script 4 EGM..ieieie..then kena settle kan minutes of meeting for Harta Perak..wut to do..i am d company secretary! ahakk.. D director; Mr. Pon, jez called me and asked me wheter we shud work in a company together..or maybe it was like "we shud organize @ commence a company together..he'll be the director & i'll be d secretary.." hahahaha.. LOL.. nak mampus kene blasah dgn mylove..

Can some1 tell me where my love is?? Haiyaaa.. hev to tell him laa about d delay. Or elze he has to wait 4 quite a l0ng time le mlm kang..pastu nak gi upt0wn lak..chicken chop la wutelze..hehehe..Eyy let me list d0wn la mende ape nak kene buat..diz week punye bl0ody assignment.. [i love 2 use "BL00DY" nowadays..] L0L..

  • Script 4 bl0ody EGM - d/line: Thursday
  • Tutorial FALAN II - d/line: Tuesday
  • Minutes of Meeting - d/line: Wednesday~Response paper

Aiyakk..ofis open 24 hours la jawabnyeee..

S0 i think i better off now..nak sesiap dah..siap nak pilih baju yg mana 1 nak pakai laa..ehehe..nak pilih yg suitable pon berjam2..But wut i am worrying now is WHERE IS HE? why he didnt answer my call? ishhh.. ni yg heran ni.. Lagi 1 yg heran, bile lak Ezeephone card aku nak abis niii..mcm lame je..padahal credit tadi ade RM3 something..bagus ah..lagi lama lagi cantek..but still need to off now.. So ok laaa..jumpe agi next week ke..hehehe..jgn jelesss...papaiiiiiee... love u emmuahh! taaaa~~

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