7 Aug 2004

♥ My 1st EntrY Lerr


Emm.. This is quite interezting..not bad at all..

I'll try to keep it up-2-date lah.. Wokey.. I'm currently workin' on my assignmentzzzz.. Argghh.. Let me list 'em down..hehe..

  • Advanced Financial Accounting II
  • Company Secretarial Practice ~Business Proff. & Com..
  • Advanced Acctg. Informtion System.. too much aite..??

Itz normal 4 an acctg student like me.. But..life isnt that bad..eh.. Try to keep FIT in diz league called LIFE.. Now is my mid sem break actually..but nothing new..nothing'z different..still like no BREAK at all..

Eyyy..going back tomorrow lah! I repeat, tomorrow!! Yayyyy...
p/s : This is my 1st time blogging okay!

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