22 Nov 2004

The Planner


Tgh berhari raya..thank God..dpt raya lama @ home!!
Yay...Anyways..jez got my result..wowow...got 3.65!!
5 A-s & 1B+..
Yeaahhh..nak kena tuntut hadiah aaa nih..emmm..

Okay..the moz important thing dat i want to tell u here is..the whole family agreed upon..about my engagement & wedding date..iskk isskkk.. nak kawin dah upenye..hehehe..

* Merisik : 25th Dec '04
* Bertunang : 1st May '05
* Kawin le.. : a.s.a.p - a week @ 2, after the final xm (On April '06)

Hayoh..lom pa per..baba dah start arguing..& quarelling with my sis..baba nak invite smua 4 the engagement..but my sis said no need laa..haha..wutever..i dont mind la..baba excited gile bila dpt tau i 'berhajat besar'..hahaha..of cos laa..i'm the youngest girl in my family... ;-p Ok laa.. baba asked me bout wedding @ sheraton..wowow..rileks baaa.. it'll cost u at least RM25K ++.. at least.. tu pon kalo dpt discount 4 mylove..haha.. Tu 4 the wedding, baba dah brangan..hah..4 the engagement, he told me dat he wants to renovate our house..lorr..again, rilekss baaa...hehehe.. sape yg excited nak kawin ni i pun tatau..

So oklaaa..dah kat umah malas lak nak blog..kat hostel sket nye rajin curi online sbb nak blog je..heh..Ok yek..papaiii..emwahh..


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