26 Mar 2009

♥ Sejam Untuk Bumi..??

Dear blog,

I am sitting in my work station, doing nothing (no audit for this month~yayy kot?) and i think, yes, lets ramble about the Earth Hour.. errr, Sejam Untuk Bumi.???

I think what some people don't get about Earth Hour is that its purpose is to render awareness rather than save our planet only in that measly hour. I believe we're all conscious that one hour is infinitesimal in comparison to the months and years that we've spent desecrating our earth.

An article from The Star claims that Earth Hour is a mere publicity stunt and to some extent, I agree. However, as commercialized as it is, the international NGOs are not to be blamed. If people really do believe just one hour could save the earth and not act beyond it, then isn't it the fault of the people for not knowing better? This one hour is supposed to serve as a starting point in the creation of habits, of reminders. The impact of the world coming together in support of something is supposed to open eyes and inspire minds. It's a stepping stone towards Earth Hours, Days, Months, Years and Forever.

As for it being gimmicky, well, it is something that was conjured by an advertising agency and let's face it, the mass love publicity stunts. It's a strong communication channel and as long as it isn't capitalizing or built on bad intentions, I don't quite understand the problem. Wanting good PR isn't a horrible thing. You, me, corporations—everyone needs it.

So no, I won't try to be a nonconformist and fight Earth Hour. In fact, I'll be switching off as many things as I can come Earth Hour, only because it has trained me to be more aware of the electricity wastage around me, more and more each day. Peace.

♥ izzah©

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SRISUFI said...

mana akak ilang ni?

kak Izz mane dah?

Izzah Marzuki said...


Rindu juga sri ye.. hehe.. x ilang kemana.. ade je ni lagi, alhamdulillah.. cuma kesibukan membataskan.. =)

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