18 Apr 2012

On My Mind Today..

 I feel like I'm thinking about everything, over analyzing everything. Like, what I want to express I feel like I cant put down in words. I know life runs in phases, and ups & downs. Maybe now is just one of those times that will pass..

So many things are running through my mind right now, here are some of them :

  1. I'm gonna hit the gym. - Lastweek dah discuss dengan instructor kat gym tu. Luckily gym tu special for women only. Bestnya tak payah risau pasal aurat & pakaian apa yang nak dipakai kot. 
  2. Taking professional pastry cert at HTC Asia. - Chef kat hotel en.husband dah sungguh² recommendkan kat sini.
  3. Taking Wilton Full Course. -Wilton; my favorite place to shop especially for baking equipments.
  4. Travel - One more escapade with my loved one, before I change my daily routine & my life.. insyaAllah..
  5. Baking & more baking - Polish my skills.. ;)

May Allah make the path easy for me, insyaAllah..

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RieNa.YuMi said...

InsyaAllah...moga Allah permudah kan jalan... ;)

gym kat mana tu yang khas for ladies nih?

hug n kisses

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