19 Aug 2010

♥ Nota Buat Diri



Kartun² comel untuk dikongsi bersama..

What is worse than Death? Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim has said:

"Wasting time is worse than death, because death separates you from this world whereas wasting time separates you from Allah"

In Islam, time is EVERYTHING. How you spend your time determines on how a good (or a bad) Muslim you are.

Another year has passed; minutes move into hours, into days, into weeks, into months, into years - seemingly faster than ever; so are we spending our time wisely?

Time is EXTRA SPECIAL in Ramadhan, for it's a special month and we as Muslims are encouraged to spend the time on doing good deeds that will insyallah help us to Paradise ♥

It's already the ninth day of Ramadhan so make a point to utlize your time VERY wisely!
Instead of sleeping after breaking your fast, go to the mosque and perform tarawikh prayers,
Instead of playing Mafia or Farmville on Facebook, spread good dakwah,
Instead of hanging out with friends, have a Tilawah and read Quran together
Instead of shooting zombies or playing games, make sunnat prayers,
Instead of watching hours of movies, make countless duas,
And so on and so forth.

So before you pick up that PSP this Ramadhan, think about the time you might possibly waste. "Tick tock, tick tock" ~ Brotherhood Arts

Nota Buat Diri: Maanfaatkanlah bulan Ramadhan.. bulan teristimewa berbanding bulan² lain...

6 ♥ comments:

e p e n シ l a v i a said...

comel~ :)

Noi❤AnL said...

Darimana aka dpt ni ek.... Kiranya toap hari le dia update doodle ni ek... Comeyyy giler...

Izzahsakinah said...

Sangat comell! Cerita dia pun comel. Hee. Tiap2 hari dok tunggu yang baru ♥

eus said...


Anonymous said...

katun die bulat2 hehe. comel

♥ Izzah Marzuki said...

e p e n シ l a v i a :
kan kan..comel kan..

Noi❤AnL :
Hehe.. dpd facebook la noi. ade page dia. diorg slalu update kat situ. comel kan. santai abis kartun dia.

Izzahsakinah :
Sama la. everyday k.izz pun tunggu jugak.. x sabar nak tengok comel² tu smua..

eus :
macih! tapi bukan lukis sendri pun. org lain yg lukis. kite ucap timakasih bagi pihak dia la ye. hehe

Rossarina™ :
bulat memang comel.. heee

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