5 Jul 2010

♥ Live, Dream and Do!



Today I sit and wonder what will tomorrow bring, what my attitude will be towards it, how my actions will affect the outcome? I tell myself, today, not to worry about tomorrow. Fix what I can today and tomorrow will already have a better outcome..

If I always thinking about the things I could do or would do then I'm not actually doing the doing. So stop thinking and start doing!
Disappointment can only come from thinking about what I could or would do!
Live, dream and most importantly DO!

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IRIS said...

Salam akak comel,

Like this.... hehehehe

Kabare? Orang kat sini sihat. hehehe

Anonymous said...

chaiyok chaiyok, Kak Izz! *pom pom girl datang* hee hee

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

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