26 Jan 2011

Day 13

Day 13

Your favorite musician and why?

Well, I don't really listen to music (song + lyrics), I only listen to instrumental songs.. and don't really have a favorite musician.  But Marty Friedman,  he's pretty super. Most people don't know who he is.. I guess.

I listen to most of his instrumental / solo albums :
  1. Scene - Produced by: Kitaro, Marty Friedman & Steve Fontano (my all time favourite)
  2. Introduction
  3. True Obsessions 
  4. Future Addict (currently listening to this 1)

He is a guitarist perhaps best known as the lead guitarist for the thrash metal band Megadeth (no, it's not spelled megadeath) for close to ten years. He now resides in Japan. He hosted his own television programs, Rock Fujiyama and Jukebox English on Japanese television.

Prior to joining Megadeth , Marty Friedman formed and played lead guitar in several other bands, including Deuce, Hawaii, Vixen and notably Cacophony. Friedman also has been releasing solo albums for quite some time. I am not into heavy metal, trash metal and what not, I just listen to few selected songs which are more classical & instrumentally played by him.

Marty Friedman + Japan Symphony Orchestra = Superb!

In fact, I've met him at Bentley Music Studio, KL (KL turned out to be his last clinic tour) somewhere in May 2005 & somehow managed to take his signature (written on my Scene CD cover).  ;)

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